Tips To Whiter Under Arms

4 years ago

I know this is a struggle for a lot girls out there so I just wanted to put up a few of my own tips. I don`t have drastically dark underarms but they are just a tad bit darker than the rest of my skin around my arm pits.

TIP #1
NEVER and I mean NEVER shave your underarms. I`ve never done this but I`m just saying to those who do do it. You should stop. I noticed that girls/women who shave their underarms are a lot darker than mine.

I recommend using an epilator or if you don`t have that kind of money you can always tweeze them yourself. I have a tweezer just for tweezing my underarms so that I don`t mix it up with my normal tweezer for my eyebrows. I`ve been doing this ever since I started having hair in my arm pits. I noticed that by doing so my hairs actually get thinner as they grow back. They don`t stop growing back but they always get a little thinner to the point where you almost don`t really notice them.

Tip #2
EXFOLIATE your underarms. Your underarms are just like the rest of your body. I noticed that using just a regular soap bar or even just body wash it just washes away your women odors but doesn`t really clean it well.

A few months back when I received this mini size LaROCCA sugar scrub in my Birchbox I didn`t use it and I was trying to find a way to use it so I tried it on my underarms, knees, and elbows. I noticed that my knees and elbows felt a little softer. As for my underarms I didn`t really notice anything at first but after a few uses I noticed my underarms where getting lighter. Even my family members noticed it. You don`t have to go out and purchase this product because I think any kind of sugar or salt scrub would do the job. Just be gentle when you are exfoliating because your underarms are a sensitive area.

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