Tips To Stay In Shape!

5 years ago

Are you the type of person who loves to have one of those sexy bodies? The ones you want to flaunt on the beach and let people know damn she or he looks sexy? 

Well here are a few tips you can follow to get that sexy body you`ve been wanting. Before you start any exercise or workout do yourself a favor. By all means to go take a look of yourself in the mirror. Take note on what you want to work on and accomplish it!

Most guys always tend to gained broad shoulders, chest, muscular thighs & calves after puberty. That`s a great advantage, but it`s up to the guys to stay in shape. 

- To stay in shape when you reached puberty you`ll need to practice routine exercises and continue to workout. 

- Go jogging daily as possible. If not a walk in a park won`t hurt. 

- Join the gym and get friends to come so you can feel motivated. 

Every woman loves an hour glass shaped body. Not only that, but some women loves to have a six pack body. Most women tends to lose their body figure due to gaining weight by the stomach. That`s so true because that`s where I stand at. Ugh. 

- To get rid of excess fat try to do practice exercise often as possible. 

- Avoid eating anything that`s fat related like cheese, hamburgers 

- Do cardio daily as possible. Zumba

If you want amazing shapes and curves start working your shoulders. Picture what you want to work on and commit. Slowly work yourself through each body parts. Sooner or later you`ll be one hot beach babe. :D  

1. Do you have an hour glass body?
2. What`s the perfect weight goal women should be at? 

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