Tips to stay fit in winter:)

5 years ago

I think we all know that exercise is more limited during the winter. The cold weather makes outdoor exercise extremely unpleasant or downright impossible (depending where you live). Not to mention all of the good food during this time of year! With these two dangerous risk factors, its no wonder everyone gains weight during the winter months. But have no fear, a solution is here! Ive compiled a list of realistic ways to exercise in the winter.

1. Of course, the treadmill. This fantastic contraption is a handy piece of fitness equipment you can use in your home, particularly during the icy cold winter or the blistering heat of summer. You can exercise in the comfort of your own home AND at a decent temperature too. They also make ones that fold up, so you can save space as well.

2. Get a Gym Membership. I know, this one is a little obvious too. But nevertheless, a gym membership can be very useful during the winter. They often have an indoor track so you can do your walking in a temperature-controlled environment. You also have access to a variety of weight training equipment, so you can bulk up your muscles instead of your gut this season. Not to mention how affordable gym memberships are when you catch them on sale! Gym memberships are definitely a great financial choice, if you use them.

3. Clean your room! Im just kidding. I know Im not your mom! But seriously, house cleaning is quite a workout. With all the bending over and scrubbing, you can burn a whole lot of calories. Helping out and cleaning the house before guests come over is actually a smart thing to do, especially before the relatives come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Why not go over early and help your mom prepare for the feast? Shell love you for it, and so will your body.

4. Use your own stairs. At the gym they might have a stair climber, but why not use the real deal? You can just use your staircase at home. Going up and down it over and over again is a great workout for your calves. Id recommend blasting some music as you do this to keep you going! I know I exercise a lot better when Im listening to techno music

5. Jumping jelly beans! Why not do jumping jacks? Before (or after) you do those stairs, utilize your loud techno music and do jumping jacks. These are a great cardio workout that will help your whole body. Moving your arms and legs and jumping up and down all at the same time burns lots of calories. You burn an average of 10 calories a minute. That means about 300 in half an hour! Good gravy, this is a good idea.

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