Tips to repair hair damage Summer

See tips and product options to rescue the beauty and health of wires in no time!

Every year, after the height of summer, we feel the damage that the season is in the hair: color fading, split ends, wires dry, dull, bulky and rebels.

This is because the sun`s ultraviolet radiation damages the proteins that form the wire, making it more fragile, brittle and rough. "To make matters worse, the sea water, because it contains salt, favors the dehydration of the hair fiber, while the chlorine of the pool changes the color of the dye," says dermatologist Valcinir Bedin.

Learn the techniques and products that give hair a result and recover from today.

Why hair is blown this time?

The sun can damage the ceramides - that make up the outer layer that protects the hair - opening the cuticles and weakening its interior. The opening allows the cuticle loss pigments, proteins and water, dried yarns leaving the fragile and brittle. As the surface is irregular, not reflects light, making them dull and lackluster. "It is essential that after the summer you invest in efficient and powerful moisturizing to replenish lost nutrients and close the scales of the wires," teaches Valcinir.

Fading and lack of luster? Take a wash of color and brightness

The heat causes the scales to open, eliminating the pigments that give color to the hair. If your hair has faded, but the root is still day, no need to reapply the dye. Just wash it with a shampoo tint, those applied in the same bath time. Not contain ammonia, it retrieves the brightness, smooth and brighten their color in a few minutes!

If there are split ends, face the scissors!

In addition to taking the split ends, a good cutting potentiates the effect of moisture, since the moisturizing agents penetrate better in the wire. If you love your long hair, take only the tips.

Dried hair? Hydration it

To moisturize and leave hair soft, wear masks and ampoules reconstructive made at home. These products are inexpensive, easy to use, act quickly and regain their health and beauty of hair, as it replenishes lost nutrients.

For an efficient hydration, follow the step by step:

1st step: after washing, separate hair into sections and apply the product (moisturizing mask or ampoule) in each of them, massaging them. Do this only in length to the tips. Never in the root.

Second step: soak a washcloth in warm water and wring it well.

Third step: roll it on the tip of the wire and wait about 10 minutes. Alternatively, wrap the head in aluminum foil, which also enhances the effect of hydration.

4th step: rinse the wires and remove the product completely. Otherwise, they will be heavy and sticky.

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