Tips to reduce belly

A healthy diet is ideal for keep fit and to lose that unwanted barriginha.

Foods that cause gas such as soft drinks, beans, fried bread, cheese and canned meat, sausages such as sausage, ham, salami and sausage.
Foods that holds liquids such as sausages, excess salt and processed foods.

Foods that promote a belly retained:
Insoluble fibers associated with an adequate fluid intake allow the bowel functions regularly avoiding the belly is distended and painful (they are: unprocessed wheat bran or rice bran, whole grains, bread Integral; vegetables / peas, beans and nuts, including potatoes and carrot roots, vegetables such as spinach, apples, oranges and other fruits. However, the fibers are broken down by gut bacteria and the body takes a while to get used to it. So, enter them slowly meals).

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