Tips to prepare your hair for the winter

With winter looming and fall of temperature, the wires require careful attention. After all, we need to rid them of the damage of the summer and protect them during the coldest season of the year. Follow eight professional tips and parade enviable locks in the next season.

1. Protect somewhat more

The best friend of her hair is a leave-in, you know? Without rinsing, should be used on damp hair after washing. "Its effect is long lasting and, therefore, protects and nourishes continuously," says Luciana Alves. There is a specific type for flat wires, others that protect against external damage and dryer and sunlight, to maintain the shape of curly and wavy ... The important thing is that the formula is lightweight and does not weigh. "Use the amount equivalent to a 10 cents coin. Spread by the length of damp hair, massaging." The leave-in should be used by all types of hair. "But those who deserve extra care are chemically treated, as are most rebellious."

2. Wash

Dry weather can be a balm for those who suffer from frizz. But the days of low humidity and high pollution damage the wires. And keep them clean is one of the secrets of success. The interval between washes? The ideal is to switch days.

3. Feed the wire

Surrender to the combos. Can be restructuring hydration, because of exposure to sunlight and color. Choose active emollients, such as corn oil. "To prepare the hair for the cold, a good solution ampules are instant," says hairstylist Marcio Mello, of Rio de Janeiro.

4. Establishing arrangements for the rotation in boxing

Smart woman practicing detachment of shampoo and conditioner! Replace double every month. It is a way to eliminate the accumulation of assets that steal the brightness and weigh at the root. Thus, you need not use the antirresĂ­duo, which takes away the color.

5. Choose the right comb

She thinks she`s just going to brush up and down 100 times? Nothing like that. Comb your hair properly ensures that you spread the natural oils throughout the length, which is absolutely essential with the onset of winter. "The first step is to undo the knots. Only then comb it. If the wires are fine, better do it in the shower with conditioner and very gently to avoid breakage," Marcio Mello teaches. According to the expert, the rule for choosing a comb or brush is simple: the thicker the wire, the greater the space between the bristles. Easy is not it? Bonus: the natural mixed with synthetic activate the circulation of the scalp and help spread the oil.

6. Turbine hydration

As the temperature drops, will increase (and the need) to use equipment which heat the hair. To prevent irreversible damage, invest in assets that minimize the inevitable loss of water. Optimal ingredients for this purpose are the various types of milk, rich in proteins and amino acids. "The time can also be good for reconstruction, or replacement of keratin cauterization - treatments that close cuticles damaged by standardizing the wires," advises Nilton Tamba, Tamba Hall hairstylist`s Boutique in Sao Paulo. Anyway, at home or in the lounge, it is time to cherish their wires. Only then the brightness is guaranteed.

7. Protect yourself from the heat - the dryer

You need not be star of the novel from 9 to want to see a day of plain wire, the other curly, the other with a look in style Brigitte Bardot ... Dryer, babyliss flat iron and make her look perfect, but steal the hydration of the hair, especially when used frequently. If you want your still beautiful, never use these tools without first apply a good thermal protector, which serves as a shield against high temperature of these accessories. "He is not to interfere with the light styling and is suitable for all hair types," says hairstylist Renato Fuzz. Furthermore, brightens and protects against heat. You can then dry, curl or get high at home!

8. Look for the softness

It, again, replace the conditioner with a common powerful treatment mask. (I always did it!) Just remember not to yield to the temptation to let a little of the product remains in the wire after they exit the shower. You must rinse-ple-men-ta you to ensure that residues do not steal from the silky strands.

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