Tips to make hair more beautiful in summer!

The radiation emitted by the sun not only causes damage to the skin, but also intensely attacks the hair strands. The action of UV radiation on proteins and pigments of the wires causes a photochemical degradation of the hair. Keratins are formed as by dead tissue and regeneration does not occur in the fibers deteriorated, so that the effects caused by UV radiation in the structure of the hair are cumulative, causing it to lose its natural shine and softness.

Since the damage caused by chlorine in the hair fiber are related to the dryness of the wires, so the need to use moisturizing products that will restore the health of hair. Furthermore, it is important to use products having fiber capillary penetration, so that damage innermost also be repaired.

It is also common at this time of year, the proliferation of fungi and bacteria on the scalp, favored by heat, moisture and the excessive sweating, factors that aggravate the condition, and the use of hats and caps, that suffocate the scalp. All these factors are present in summer.

Follow the steps below is a good tip to prevent the season:

1 - Keep your hair and scalp clean. In summer, the sweat and heat can increase the oiliness;

2 - Rinse hair well after leaving the sea and swimming pool;

3 - Protect your hair from solar radiation using products with UV filters (spray or cream to comb);

4 - Avoid holding damp hair, this can result in breakage of the wires;

5 - Make regular hydration, even at home at least once a week;

6 - Choose products that hydrate and repair the internal damage to the hair fiber.
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