Tips to Growing Longer, Healthier Hair!

5 years ago

Hello again, pretty girls! Almost every girl has wanted or wants long, beautiful hair! I`m back with a post for you girls out there who want to grow your hair out long and beautiful but don`t want to risk your hair`s health for that. Most people have probably experienced growing their hair out long only to find that their hair has lots of split ends, dry strands, and breakage, causing them to have to cut their hair short again, starting from scratch. In this post, I`m going to teach you all how to keep your hair looking in good conditions, even when it gets long! Split ends? No more! Dry hair? Bye bye! Beautiful locks? Here I come!

Avocado-Olive Oil :
-Cut an avocado in half and take a spoonful of it. Mash the avocado until it is a goopy texture and then mix in the same amount of olive oil. Mix and apply it to your hair, leaving it in for 30-45 minutes. Wash out and shampoo well!
- Makes hair softer, shinier, and healthier
- Use 2-3 times a week

Coconut Milk Mask:
- Apply cocobut milk (found in most Asian grocery stores, Walmart, and Target) to your hair, concentrating on the ends. Leave in for 20-30 minutes and then wash out!
- Makes hair silkier and shinier
- Use 2-3 times a week

-After you use shampoo and you are conditioning your hair, concentrate the conditioner on the ends of your hair because split ends are often the result of dry ends and conditioning the ends prevents dryness.
- Use EVERY time you shampoo!

Invest in a Wooden Comb:
-Wooden combs, as used in the olden days, are much healthier for the hair because they don`t snag the hair and damage it.
-There is a reason plastic combs are cheaper and wooden combs cost more!
- Use EVERY time you brush/comb your hair

Wash Hair Every Other Day:
-If you have oily hair, its okay to wash it everyday because your hair has no problem keeping moisture
- Prevents over-drying

Trim Your Ends:
- You can do this by twisting small locks of hair and snipping at the little hairs that stick out of the twists. This makes sure that all the ends are snipped off and is super easy for even beginners to try!
- Prevents split ends
- Be sure to use professional scissors, not regular ones or else your hair will be even more damaged

Massage Your Scalp:
-Everytime your about to take a shower or are watching TV, spend 15 minutes to give your hair a good massage because this stimulates hair growth. Hair is just like nails so when you massage it, it grows faster!
-Try doing this daily if possible
-Also relieves stress!

Use Less Heat:
-Instead of using heat to style every day, embrace your natural texture more often! If you don`t like your natural hair, you can always bun it up or do a pretty updo that hides any unruly hair.

I hope this helped and enjoy your beautiful locks!

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