Tips on how to spice up your fage yogurt

i know that `greek` yogurt has been really in lately internationally, especially in the US, but for us greeks, this stuff is old news! i`ve been eating this since i was a little kid and have had it in so many different ways and different combinations, that i wanted to share how greeks like to eat fage yogurt.

1. we pretty much only buy 2% since it`s a bit thicker and tastier. if you buy the plain yogurt, you can make a breakfast out of it by adding granola, strawberries, cherries, fruit syrup, etc. i know a lot of them come with a side of fruit of some sort in the ready to go containers, so that`s a great way of eating the yogurt for breakfast.

2. a lot of times we add it to rice. it sounds weird, but if you boil rice and want to spice it up a bit, you can add plain fage yogurt to it, and it adds a creamy yet tarte texture to it that`s not at all sweet.

3. if you want to turn this into a dessert, add honey and nuts! a lot of time greeks just pour honey over it and add a few nuts to eat it and they serve it as a light dessert after dinner.

4. midnight snack - this is filling enough to eat before bed or in the middle of the night if you wake up and your stomach is growling, since it is a pretty light snack but better for you than other snacks.

5. fage yogurt is a main ingredient in tzatziki. add cucumber and some garlic and you`re set!

hope this helps! fage yogurt is great and can be used in so many different ways. what`s not to love?

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