Tips on how to apply liquid eyeliner!

4 years ago

One thing I always hear girls say time after time is how tricky and messy they find it to apply liquid eyeliner, however I`ve found that with enough practice it has become one of the cosmetics that I find easiest you use! I use liquid eyeliner pretty much everyday and it honestly takes me about 10/15 seconds to complete each eye. Although the gel and pencil alternatives are good, personally I find liquid easiest to work with, less time consuming and it also offers the best color results! So, if you want to achieve a flawless eye makeup look with liquid eyeliner, take a look at some of my tips below! -:

1) If you are wearing eyeshadow along with your liquid eyeliner then make sure to apply the liquid eyeliner after eyeshadow application.
2) Lean your elbow on a sturdy surface when applying liquid eyeliner especially if you are a beginner. This provides you with a steadier hand making eyeliner application much easier!
3) Don`t close your eyes when applying liquid eyeliner - this just ends up messy. Personally I always apply my liquid eyeliner with my eyes open tilting my head up slightly.
4) Some people find it tricky starting from the corners of their eyes so if you are a beginner I would suggest trying starting from the middle first. Over time however you will soon learn which way you find easiest to begin.
5) When applying your eyeliner, apply in one big sweep. Often when people apply liquid eyeliner in small strokes the results can look jagged and unflattering.
6) When you have finished applying your eyeliner , leave your head titled back for about 10/15 seconds to allow the product to dry otherwise you might find your self in a makeup mess!
7) Don`t try to blend out the liquid eyeliner after application, unlike gel liner liquid eyeliner is not easily blended and the end result is supposed to be a sharp, crisp line.
8) I personally always apply black eyeshadow over my liquid eyeliner as this means the color last longer and the end result is much more intense!

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