Tips on growing long, healthy hair!

4 years ago

Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well today :) I wanted to share with you some tips on growing out long and healthy hair!
1) Don`t wash your hair everyday! It strips your hair of the natural oils it needs. I suggest washing it every other day
2) Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. I use the simplyU moistruzing kind from walmart. What I like about it is it`s sulfate & paraben free! I also like to switch up my shampoos often so my hair doesn`t get used to a certain one. Sometimes I`ll use Aussies!
3) After you have just washed your hair, towel dry it to get all the water out. Once you go to brush it, use a comb instead. Once your hair is wet it is very fragile so you must be gentle with it.
4) Use a leave it conditioner after you brush out your hair. I personally like Aussie`s kind.
5) If you don`t have enough time to let your hair air dry, and you must use a blow dryer - make sure you use a heat protectant. This is very important! Heat damages your hair. From your blow dryer to your flat iron to your curling iron, it all is damaging. I use Tressemme`s Heat tamer spray. It usually runs about $4, (give or take) where you purchase it at.
6) deep condition your hair once a week. I like Aussie`s 3 minute miracle. It`s normally only $3. It smells delicious and trust me it works wonders on your hair!
7) Get your hair trimmed regularly. This allows you to get rid of the dead ends and allow for new hair to grow! very important.

and lastly #8 - Try not to color your hair often. If you`re in between months just touch up roots instead of doing your whole head. Or if you must color your whole head - just deep condition both before and after to prepare your hair. I normally will do it the day before, and the day after.
Now, I`m sure there is alot more tips out there but these are the once I have found that work for me. I hope I was able to help someone out :) I used to have long dark hair but I cut it all off and went blonde cause I was feeling spontaneous one day lol.
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