Tips on being ninja

5 years ago

these tips are what i use when im trying to be ninja.
you can use these anywhere E.G: sneaking up on a friend, creping out at night, ect
#1: be light on your feet, if your slowly walking DO NOT tiptoe, put the balls of your feet down first, then in a smooth motion, put the rest of your foot down and then when you pick your foot up, leave with your toes. its almost like a rolling action with your feet.

#2: if your running, use your feet like in #1 but when your foot leaves the ground, do so in a semi-spring matter and absorb your weight through your foot when you touch the ground with your body

#3: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. if your being a ninja and decide to use the door, think about it first. will the door make a noise when opened? is there a quieter door? you have to close the door?

#4: camo. it might seem like all ninjas have masks and swords and dark night outfits, but that`s them, not you. if your out near trees and bush, were something dark green with leaf prints, hunting stores sell hoodies and such like that. if your in an urban area, use ally ways or streets nobody uses. but stick to the shadows.

if you think thats hard or you say " but im a little fat, i cant do that" it can be done, im 6`7" and weigh 150+ kgs so im not skinny, i use all those tips so much its natural to me, thats why my nick name is the silent giant. but also remember: change it up, find what works for you, these are tips, not do it like i say.

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