Tips for taking care of colored hair

Colored hair requires special care. After all, the chemical causes damage to the wires, which are weak and dull. Check then some expert tips to keep the blond, red or brown always radiant.

Where`s the brightness that was here?

For less aggressive formulas that are current, there is no escaping some damage caused by dyes. "The process opens the cuticle of the wire. If it is not sealed with the use of specific products (shampoos of the leave-ins), the pigment will glow and fading out together," says the hairdresser Eron Araujo Salon Blend in Sao Paulo.
Another thief luminosity is the residence time of the dye. "If you exceed the above, you further compromises the structure of the wire," says Celso Martins Jr., technical director of the Association of Cosmetology. But the dye is not always the only culprit of the story - there are a number of factors that contributes to the opacity of colored hair. "Pollution, sunlight, moisture, hair dryer, flat iron, hot water, excess oil and lack of hydration lead to loss of gloss," says Juha Antero colorist, the MG Hair in Sao Paulo.

Do not go out of tune

Some colors require special attention. Aspiring blondes and redheads tend to suffer a little more, since the release of pigments occurs more quickly and, because of the bleaching process, the drying is more intense. "In these cases, the use of products that seal the cuticle must be constant to prevent the particles of color leaving the hair cortex and fading more easily," said the hairdresser Julio Crepaldi of Sao Paulo.

Those who opt for dark colors tend to have fewer problems. "From black to brown, for example, the level of clearance is low and thus there is a very significant loss of protein and the damage is less," he says. On the other hand, some people just use dyes for more brightness. "Sometimes the hairs are naturally opaque, then the color helps give up," says beauty artist Ton Reis of Rio de Janeiro.

Valuable tips

Escape from the hot water
The high temperature facilitates the fading.

Bet on the leave-ins
Try a mask pre-shampoo with argan oil, heat a tablespoon of the product and leave for an hour on the wires. Wash two times to remove well.

Do not overlap the color
Red on red, for example. Retouch only the root when necessary, and the rest, use a tint.

Avoid mix of techniques such as ...
... straightening and permanent dye. Consecutive chemical processes degrade the fiber and emphasize the lack of brightness.

Care Required

"Dealing with dyed hair is not difficult, but requires patience and dedication," says Ton Reis. And for that damage is minimized, we must first invest in a good color. Then, with the edges already colored, it`s time to arm the arsenal of products and arrange the schedule to do a weekly hydration at home with a powerful mask based on shea butter, or every 15 days in the hall to replace oils and proteins. "This hair type needs specific products to keep the cuticle sealed and thus reflect the brightness," said Eron.

Escape alkaline shampoo or deep cleaning, opening even more scales and dry out the wires. "Stick with shampoos with surfactants with low irritant substances (emulsifiers) and amino acids (which improve the resistance of the hair), addition of silicones and essential oils that make up the brightness."

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