Tips for shopping the victoria`s secret semi annual sale

3 years ago

Victoria`s Secret is one of my favorite stores and one I will always shop at. The semi annual sale as a Victoria`s Secret fan is my FAVORITE time to stock up on things. I thought I would share with you some tips that I always use when shopping the SAS.

* Go as early as you can. I always go the first day of the in store sale so I can get my pick of everything.

* Save your receipt because VS does a one time price adjustment within 14 days of your purchase...which is why I say go as early in the sale as you can because you will still get the best sale price but you will still get your pick of everything not what is left over. So if there is a bra you love buy it or a perfume you love buy it because they will go and you missed out because you didn`t buy it when it was there. Not many people do the price adjustments and I am not sure why they don`t.

*Use your 10 off 50 survey coupons that are at the bottom of every receipt. (This may not work at some stores some won`t let you use coupons but I have been to many different Vs stores in several states & I have never had a problem using it)

*Sign up for VS emails. That is normally how I know when the instore prices have dropped and when to take my receipt in for my price adjustment. Don`t forget to bring in your id. No need to bring back the merchandise just your receipt.

* If you have time and there are many Victoria`s Secret stores near you hit a few different stores. In my experience different stores have had different things and various quantities.

I will edit this post if I think of more. The price adjustment is the biggest thing from my most recent haul I know I will be getting $34 back so it is 100% worth hanging on to your receipt.

Note: The image isn`t mine it is from the Victoria`s Secret website

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