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Every girl wants to have fabulous looking hair, right? I mean, who doesnt? Sometimes we have some bad habits when it comes to our hair care routine. Sometimes we forget, or we skip something, dont have the time, or just not informed about it. Well, several of these tips I have been using for years. Thanks to my grandma! But this website in the source link below also has some great tips to healthy looking head of hair.

Many of you know that we have tons of individual hairs and that we lose several strands a day. Shedding, or losing some hair is completely normal so dont worry. Here are some tips to healthy looking hair.

My number 1 tip my grandma always told me was to NOT brush your hair right after you get of the shower. Brushing wet hair will cause breakage and damage. Instead, you should wait until your hair is completely dry before you brush it out. AND always use a WIDE WIDTH COMB. This also causes less tangling.

Another thing I have found out simply but trial and error, was to brush your hair before you wash it in the shower. It will remove the dirt and tangles from your hair. So when you finish shampooing your hair will comb much easier.

When you shampoo, massage your scalp.

Make sure you rinse your hair well.

Dry your hair naturally. Try to avoid using a hair dryer if possible or any other heat tools.

There are more healthy hair tips if you check out the website. How do you keep your hair looking healthy and strong? Do you use any of these tips already? Do they work for you?
I hope these tips helped. I knew most of them, but I found some tips that I never heard before. Make sure you read this if you want your hair to look as gorgeous as you are.
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