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If you want to have hair magazine cover the entire year, you must know the exact time of dye, cut and treat your wires. The following is the schedule, month by month, of the strands healthy, bright, beautiful, perfect!
It is given for the start of the wire pulling operation healthy and shiny.


Start the month with a hydration which will leave the head only good memories of summer (no wires rough, without vitality and softness). "The more you strive, no use: exposure to the sun steals some gloss, texture and strength of hair," says Cesar Augusto, hairstylist Mirage Salon Tres Figueiras, in Porto Alegre. "The turn for the hydrations are the natural oils such as argan, grape or pracaxi." The result can last up to 30 days (oba!) if you promise to maintain at home straight.


Renew the color:
It`s been two months since you colored wires, which, on average, grow 2 inches a month. Unless you are adept at ombre hair trend (fashion of the past season it was great to justify roots up to 6 inches!), It is time to touch up the color, highlight the key, turn the brightness or correct any possible fading. "Dye again in midsummer, is not always the most suitable," says Wanda Alves, Sao Paulo hairstylist. "Tonalizar is a good option. The product, without ammonia, attacks unless the permanent dye." The most important assets, in this case are silicones, amino acids, keratin and collagen. Although the main objective is not treated, they protect the hair while the pigment penetrates. If you are going to paint at home, choose a color as close as possible to your and strictly adhering to the manufacturer`s instructions.


Protect a little more:
The best friend of her hair is a leave-in, you know? Without rinsing, should be used on damp hair after washing. "Its effect is long lasting and, therefore, protects and nourishes continuously," says Luciana Alves. There is a specific type for flat wires, others that protect against external damage and dryer and sunlight, to maintain the shape of curly and wavy ... The important thing is that the formula is lightweight and does not weigh. "Use the amount equivalent to a 10 cents coin. Spread by the length of damp hair, massaging." The leave-in should be used by all types of hair. "But those who deserve extra care are chemically treated, as are most rebellious."


Cut with courage:
Makes the sign of the cross just thinking about taking the ends of the wires? He had plans to start 2012 with locks longer than your credit card statement? Still, if you want to continue to be the star of the season, will need to face the scissors. No need to change the length, just raise that everywhere damaged leaves.

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