Tips for Growing Hair

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!
Today I will be sharing some tips for growing long healthy hair.
These following tips can also be used to just have healthy hair.

Tip 1: Don`t wash your hair everyday!! Washing your hair everyday is horrible for your hair as well as your scalp because your always washing off your natural hair oils and drying out you scalp and hair!! You may think that washing your hair everyday is keeping your hair soft and clean but it`s honesty one of the worst things you can do to your hair! Espicially when it`s during the winter, you don`t want to be washing your hair often becuase it will make your hair dehydrated!

So, try to wash your hair every two or even 3-4 days if you can! This will give time for your hair to absorb the natural oils and stay hydrated, leaving your hair shiny and silky and healthy!

Btw if you have oily hair, wash your hair every other day rather than three to four days cause we dont wanna get stinky here ;)

Tip 2: After getting out of the shower, don`t brush your hair with a comb becuase your hair is the most fragile when it`s wet and when you pull and tug on it, your going to damage your hair!! Instead, lightly brush out tangles with your fingers :) If you have really knotty hair and frizzy hair, try using a leave in conditioner to soften your hair :)

Tip 3: If you have dead/ split ends, CUT THEM OFF! I know your trying to grow your hair out but no matter how ong you wait, they will not grow! If you keep leaving your split ends, they`ll ony split more which means you have to cut more hair. Now, don`t go into the washroom and cut them off unless you know how, go to a salon and just ask for a trim.. preferably one inch :)

Yes, you might have to visit the bathroom alot but hydration is SO IMPORTANT!!! Drinking water is the best thing you can do for hydrated skin and hair!!! :)

Tip 5: If you have really short eyelashes like me, try applying some vaseline with a q-tip onto the roots of your lashes! I have seen a hug difference in the length and thickness of my lashes in just 2 weeks!! :)

Tip 6: Try and use as little heat products as possible and if you do, use a heat protector!! Applying heat everyday to your hair is like putting in a toaster! Your hair frys , literally, which causes split ends and dry hair! Try to cur your hair with rollers or use heat products every other day :)

Also, don`t tease your hair so much! Teasing your hair is quite bad for your hair.. if you do it every once in a while it`s fine but doing it two to three times a week= damaged hair. If you want volume.. try switching your shampoo and conditioner ( I know that pantene sells them . made for people who wante volumous hair)

Tip 7: Try not to tie your hair in a TIGHT hair do becuase it tugs and pulls on your roots. So if your at home and your not going anywhere special, leave your hair down because ike I said, pulling and tugging on your hair is bad :(

Thats all the hair tips I have for you :)
Thanks for reading!
If you guys would like any DIY hair mask recipes for growing your hair please let me know!
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Hope this helped!

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