Tips for great summer legs

Here are some tips to have your legs looking great for the Summer! I read this on Activa Magazine, by Colour me Beautiful the image consultants.

1- Regular exercise, confidence and acceptance of your body contributes much more to get awesome legs than the scale. Great legs don`t have to be necessarily thin. Just embrace what you got.

2- Nice legs begin with shaving. Most women opt for waxing, but laser hair removal has gained much in popularity in recent years. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after it. Thus, also prepares the best legs for the summer because the sun and sand tend to dry the skin.

3- Auto brightness cream. If you want to accelerate the tanning process, use a self tanning cream or cream with a brightness, that make your legs look sexy.

4- For those who want to have longer legs, there are several ways to `add` a few more inches. - Think, for example, in skirts and dresses with waist upward. Another way is wearing shoes the color of your skin. So you do not see the cut of the shoe and automatically lengthens the leg.

5- Be careful with the straps and ribbons. Sandals with straps and ribbons are one of the trends for this summer, but avoid them if you have short legs. And with the heat, your feet tend to swell, so it runs the risk of getting too tight.

6- The mini-skirt is a must for this summer, but if you do not feel comfortable with it, try using it with shorts (shorter) underneath. But even more than the mini-skirt, shorts we see in all colors in the stores. If you like them but not used to using them, begin to wear them when you go to the beach. There are some scrambled models, which make the legs look longer.

7- This season finds many skirts, dresses and tunics in evasé, which makes more elegant legs. The tunics can be used on the beach and with leggings or skinny jeans.

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