Tips For Getting Fitter and Better at Running

5 years ago

just gonna post some tips that i have learned from trying to get fit, i don`t know if they`ll work for everyone but who knows!
1. Drink loadsa water, you`ve probably heard this so much, but you should be drinking at least 2 Litres of water, you`ll find it easier to run/walk when fully hydrated :D
2. Build up overtime, it`s not gonna happen overnight.
3. Eat healthy and eat plenty - if your exercising you should be eating more so you`ll have loadsa energy.
4. if you`re only starting to get fit, just begin with walking, running comes overtime
5. the best tip i can give you is this one, i found that if i ran everyday (4-5days a week) even just for 10-20 minutes my fitness improved greater than running twice a week for say an hour. it`s about being dedicated and doing it more often than the length of time.
6. Oxegen Runs - walk for 30 seconds run for 30 seconds - i`d only advise this if you are fairly fit already :D

Hope this helps!

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