Tips for cycling in Europe

What Barcelona and Paris have in common, beyond the lush urban beauty? Hundreds of miles of bike lanes! Here you can see the tips of the Sustainable Planet site to enjoy on the wheels of a bicycle two of the most visited cities in Europe.

But before riding, cyclists who want to biking through Europe should be aware of some basic commandments:
- Follow the road signs;
- In the absence of a bike path, use the right lane taking the place of a car and never go by the "corner";
- Wear reflective clothing when riding at night;
- Do not ride if you drink;
- Wear a helmet, although not required. Is your safety is at stake.
In Paris, a circuit of bike paths in the Latin Quarter begins and continues until the Eiffel Tower, the leading rider of the great sights of the city, such as the Louvre and Notre Dame, among many other beauties. Remember that this script is even more special at night when you can see the Eiffel Tower and other monuments illuminated. That is, we suggest you pedal both morning and after sunset to enjoy the City of Lights lit by the French and the sun.
Rent a bike at 1.70 per day and make your ride. But beware: never walk on the sidewalk! In the absence of the bike path, use the special bus track for cycling.
Barcelona, with 201 kilometers of bike lanes, is one of Europe`s cities more friendly for cyclists. In the script, the landscape is full of the most famous Gaudi`s buildings, and gazebos, plazas and beaches. The rent of a folding bike starts at 15 per day. But again, attention: riding on the sidewalk is permitted only when it has at least 3 meters wide. Always follow the bike path, so you stay safer and avoids the narrow streets of the center, where the number of people makes it impossible to ride.

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