Tips for Applying Makeup in a Rush

3 years ago

Hi everyone! Have you ever snoozed your alarm one too many times and realized you barely have any time to put on a face? Or maybe you`re just going out for a quick moment and need to put on a quick face and go? I`ve been in both scenarios plenty of times and here are my tips for putting on makeup when you`re short on time.

>> Get Organized
If you`re like me, then you may have a really large makeup collection and have a couple options when it comes to what you can wear for the day. But whether you have a small or large collection, a key tip is to have your products within reach. Get those products out on your vanity or in a small container so you can just whip it out and get ready. If you have certain brushes that you like to use for these go-to products, maybe separate those out too and put them in a special cup or jar so you can spot and grab them quickly.

>> Pick Foolproof Products
Have a foundation that takes a little time to work into the skin? Love a certain blush but it`s a bit too pigmented and takes some time to buff it out to look natural? Maybe it`s an eyeshadow that isn`t too pigmented but if you build it up enough the color will shine? Or a lip color that only works when paired with another lip product? DON`T PICK THOSE PRODUCTS! Use ones that work well right off the bat, whether it`s the color, pigmentation, fall out, etc, without having to put in any extra effort. Every second you spend trying to get a product to work is time misspent if you`re in a rush.

>> Apply products from the most important to the least
Fix the concerns that are most important to you first. If it`s your complexion, apply your foundation/concealer/powder first. If it`s your brows, do those first and then work your way through the rest of your routine. Doing your routine in this way ensures that if you run out of time, you will at least have your most important concerns addressed. I apply my foundation, powder, blush and bronzer, and then do my brows. If I have time I will do eyes (mascara, eyeshadow) and I usually have a lip product lying around in my purse, school bag or car so I can quickly throw that on later.

>> Put your `least concern` products in a separate bag and take it with you
As previously mentioned I tend to do my face and brows first and forget the rest for the sake of time. But what if you get to your destination and find you have time to spare? What you can do is have all those other items in a makeup bag and apply them once you have gotten where you need to be. I throw items like eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow primer, a small eyeshadow palette and a lip product into a small makeup bag, along with a travel set of brushes, and keep it in my car so in case I do have some time I can apply a little something extra.

>> Keep the products full
The tip may sound a little weird but it`ll make sense once I explain it. There is really nothing worse when you`re in a rush than realizing you`ve seriously hit pan on your go-to face powder and you have to spend a little extra time brushing around the edges of the pan for those last bits of product. How about finding out that your go-to brow pencil/eyeliner needs to be sharpened? I recommend always making sure that your face products are not ones you`ve hit pan on so you can just dab and go, and to use automatic brow pencils or eyeliners so you don`t have to worry about sharpening them. You should also occasionally check in on your liner pencils and lip products, since you can`t really tell how much is in there until you realize it`s all gone.

So those are all of my tips for applying makeup in a rush. Do you have any tips? If you do, I`d love to hear them so leave them in the comments section!

Thanks for reading!

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