Tips for Applying Concealer Correctly

Everyone wants that perfect flawless complexion. Concealer is extremely important in achieving that. Here are a few tips for apply concealer correctly and in the most effective way.

1. Consider buying two kinds of concealer. One for blemishes and one for dark circles, hyperpigmentation, etc. Concealer for blemishes should have a thicker consistency than concealer used under the eyes.
2. Always moisturize your face before you apply anything to it. This preps the skin and helps all products put on top of it to glide on smoothly.
3. You can either apply your concealer before or after your foundation. Personally, I like to apply it after. This way I can layer just the right amount of concealer on top of the foundation to fix my problem area. This prevents me from going overboard and having too much product on my face. Nothing worse than a cakey face.
4. If you have very dark under eye circles I recommend buying a salmon colored concealer to help `correct`. A salmon colored concealer will help cancel out the blue and purple colors. Once you have applied the color correcting concealer go ahead and put a small amount of your skin tone colored concealer to help blend it all together.
5. Also, if you have dark under eye circles or puffiness look for concealers that have ingredients that may help, such as, Vitamin K and Green Tea Extract.
6. If you have a lot of red spots or blemishes on the face I would recommend buying a green color correcting concealer. The green will help cancel out the red. Then apply the concealer that is the color of your skin over to help blend it out.
7. ALWAYS PAT concealer in. Do not swipe.
8. When working around the eyes, especially, use your ring finger to pat the product in. Your ring finger is the weakest finger on your hand. This prevents you from pressing or pulling too hard on that delicate under eye skin.
9. ALWAYS set concealers with a powder. Feel free to use a translucent powder, or a pigmented powder if you want the extra coverage.
*The best setting powder I`ve ever found (and trust me, I`ve tried a lot) is the hyaluronic hydra-powder from By Terry. It carries a hefty $60 price tag, but it literally lasts forever. I`ve had mine for over a year now and am not even half way through. It`s definitely worth the investment for me.

Also, in a pinch, concealer can easily be used as an eyelid primer before applying eyeshadow.

I hope this helps you guys. This is information gained from my experience as a makeup artist and esthetician as well as personal experience over the years. If you have any questions let me now in the comments and I`ll be more than happy to help out.

: ) Lindey

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