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4 years ago

Brows are very important as they help give your features proportion and take your face to a whole new level of polished.
Use a hot washcloth or tweeze straight after a shower. After a shower or placing a hot washcloth on your eyebrows, the skin around your eyes softens so it is easier and less painful to pluck the hairs.
You can determine your best eyebrow shape with help of a pencil.
1. Place it against the outer part of you nostril, pointing directly upwards. Your brows should start here.
2. Move the pencil to the inner part of your nostril, and follow a line through the centre of your iris-this shows the best arch for you.
3. Finally, tilt the pencil over slightly to create a line from the side of the nostril to the outer edge of your eye; this is the end of your brow.
Use your finger to lift the area slightly, then use tweezers to remove hairs, one by one, slowly and carefully, in the direction theyre growing. Only pull out hairs that are outside your natural arch. It is best to visit a pro for your first eyebrow shaping.
Use ice to reduce the redness post-shaping.

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