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4 years ago

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I read an article from Yahoo! regarding tips and tricks iPhone users (may apply to iPod users too maybe?). There were a few tips and tricks that I was surprised/found helpful.

1. You can tell Siri to type out an entire email just by voiceover. It`ll automatically fill out the sender, the RE: (field), and the body of the text.
2. With upcoming iO6 release this fall, Siri can finally handle updating Facebook, Twitter, etc through voiceover as well.
3. There is a simple way to delete email messages without opening the emails up one by one. You can delete emails just by swiping right to left on the email you want to trash and a red delete button will appear.
4. You can take pictures on your iPhone as if it was an actual camera. How you may ask? The volume buttons on the phone act as the shutter button on an actual camera.

There are many more tips and tricks that you may find helpful in the article linked below. Which ones did you find helpful? Which ones did you already knew of? Share your comments/opinions below. :)

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