Tip: Make Waterproof eyeliner STAY all day

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

Do you rush out and buy the newest raved waterproof/smudgeproof eyeliner and still find that it doesn`t last the day and you come home with smudged panda eyes?

I DO!!! i always do my research before i buy my eyeliners and i hear people rave on and on about different ones that i have, yet it slides on me and smudges by the end of the day. i don`t mind fading, that`s not my problem, my problem is the fact that it smudges onto my lower lash line making me look like i haven`t slept for YEARS.

so this is my tip that i came up with to help me make liner last all day:
-get a small flat brush, the one that i have featured in my pictures is a flat smudger brush by Royal and Langnickle
-get a long lasting powder and use the brush to set all your concealer and foundation in that area!

Why do i do this? and How does it help?
-firstly some people use black eye shadow to set the liner itself, which makes sense as well, you`re setting a cream product with powder, just like foundation and powder. However, when i did this method, all that happened was that the black eyeshadow was transferring onto my under eye area which made it EVEN worse!
-Concealer and foundation near the eye area creates more oils around the eyes. Your eyes already produce it`s own oils and concealer just enhances it. (this i got from bubzbeauty`s old video)
-So this made me think, when we set out concealer and foundation with powder, we don`t actually reach our under eye area because our powder brush or puff is too big
-Therefore i went ahead and used a small brush to set the area straight after applying concealer on top of foundation

AND THIS HAS MADE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE EVER!!! My eyeliner still fades after more t han 9hrs wear, but no it doesn`t transfer =]

If you notice any transfer, think about whether it`s your eyeliner or mascara? sometimes wearing non waterproof mascara gives that bit of a transfer too.

I hope this helps somebody out there.
Let me know what you guys do to help eyeliner last long, or maybe you don`t have this problem and i`m the only one?

*all photos are mine, please don`t steal beauties

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