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5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

This post will be my little tips of how to apply lipstick as a blusher

Firstly i`d like to start off with the lipstick that i`ve choosen to use. This is pretty much the only lipstick i use as a blusher because i HATE IT as a lipstick, it`s on of those that sinks into the cracks of your lips (even if it`s not dry) and just looks really bad on your lips. But i love this colour, i think it`s warming enough for winter and the coral is beautiful for summer!

Now the main tip i have here is.. DONT BE AFRAID! JUST DO IT! At first i`ve gotta say i was afraid that the chemicals were different and how will my skin react to it, then i was worried that it wouldn`t blend out properly, and i was also worried that i wouldn`t be able to get it even on both sides since i wasn`t using a brush applicator.

SIGH.. i finally took the plunge after this poor lipstick by Smashbox in "beautiful" oh yes it`s definitely beautiful.

So let`s start
1. Use your ring finger (or which ever finger you feel most comfortable with) and take a fair bit of product.
2. Dab it on the centre of your cheekbones (as pictured in first photo)
3. Blend it out with two fingers with a dabbing motion all over cheekbones on where you would normally apply blush.
4. Do it on the other side of the cheeks (steps 1 - 3)
5. Now put your mirror further away and check if both sides are even and if you like the amount of colour you have, if not, go in with a bit more and slowly build it up, last thing you want is to have too much because lipstick as blush is MUCH harder to remove or fix up compared to powder blush

So those are my tips..
Do you have any of your own, or tried this method before?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, taken on iphone 4s

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