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5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So, this is how i USED to remove my eye make up, wanted to share this with you first before i tell you my HG make up remover because i want you guys to know exactly how important it is TO ME to remove every since little piece of shadow and mascara off your eyes before sleeping and especially before putting your precious eye creams on. Because, the last thing you want is to seal in all that bad stuff for your eyes with the eye cream. This will give you even worse black bags under your eyes and not to mention wrinkles later on in life.

So.. to start off with, i`ll tell you my products:
- Simple - Kind to eyes (states that it removes even waterproof mascara.. BUT THAT`S SO NOT TRUE)
-Clinique - rinse off, seriously one swipe of this baby and everything is OFF

So i would start off by using Simple eye make up remover and find that it only takes off your eye shadow, it does a very bad job at removing liner and mascara. So then i go in a second time with Simple to take off the remaining liner. Waterproof mascara will NOT be taken off by this AT ALL.
And i`ve tried a few drugstore brands like Loreal and Nivea and others that i cant remember fromt he top of my head, but these all don`t do a good job on Waterproof mascara.

The only one i`ve found to really take off waterproof eye make up is Clinique which is of course high end.

I wouldn`t use Clinique for the whole eye nor on a cotton pad becuase this is very expensive for us. it`s about $50 a bottle? yea.. OF MAKE UP REMOVER! WAT THE HECK RIGHT? well anyways, i dont` want to spend that much all the time, eye make up removers go so quickly for me and $50 is a lot. So i simply use a cotton tip or Q tip as you would call it, and dip it into the solution and rub this on my lashes as if i`m putting mascara (shown in picture 3 and btw, sorry for the weirdo look)

I keep doing this last step until i can see that there`s literally NOTHING left on my lashes! Then i continue to remove my face make up.

So there you have it, my difficult way or removing my eye make up because i was yet to find a good drugstore remover that will do the job! Stay tuned for the revealing of that.

How do you guys remover your eye make up? are you guys as frantic as me to get make up off your eyes?

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*photos are mine, please don`t steal beauties

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