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The other day (actually the other week) my field hockey team had to go on a loooooong drive to an away game. Thankfully, though, the soccer team was on the bus with us, so we all shared a delicious candy casserole!

So what is a candy casserole?
Candy casserole is basically a mix of differnet candies. It has pretty much no nutritional value, so you would never eat it all by yourself, but it`s great to have at parties, sleepovers or, as I said, really long bus rides.

here are some ideas for a candy casserole:
rainbow:gummy bears, gummy worms, nerds, life savers, smarties, sweet tarts, starburst, and mini twizzlers with air heads on top. In some cases you could microwave the dish (so it looks more casserole-y) but I`ve never tried that.

chocolate:hershey`s bars, semi-sweet chocolate chips, mini snickers, mini 3 musketeers, mini reeses, etc.

christmas:powdered sugar, peppermints, specialty chocolates, gourmet popcorn.

once you`ve decided on a "theme", unwrap all the candy pieces, mix together in a bowl or dish and serve with a large spoon or salad tongs.


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