Tiny Sweets on sweets

5 years ago

I like tiny sweets on the cupcake they look so adorable and pretty.I like there design is very cute and the tiny sweet is make by hand.It take long time to finish this cupcake.The use bright color to make the roses and use the cream to the tiny cupcake.On top of the cupcake they has different kind of rose,bread,tiny cupcakes and tiny chocolate.The pastry work very hard to design a cute cupcake and this cupcake look so perfect even the tiny sweet on the top of are so adorable.I think everyone to learn how to make this cupcake.I don`t know who make this cupcake.The didn`t post the recipe and instruction to make adorable cupcake. This cupcake taste very sweet and delicious.

Source link: http://stuff.icanhascheezburger.com/

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