Tiny Forever 21 Dress Haul!

4 years ago

Happy Fourth of July to those of you who live in America! Okay so today, my mom decided to take my brother, my sister, and me out to the mall where we spent the first couple of hours at Dave and Busters to eat and play (food pictures coming up soon, hehe!). We had SO much fun playing around in Dave & Busters and then we ended up all getting a couple thousand points each so we could get some nice prizes. It was super fortunate and the original plan was to just go to D&B and then go home but then my mom let us go through the mall in an hour and let me tell you that it is impossible to shop the whole mall in an hour =.= I can spend an hour in Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal alone! Haha, but I managed to get through the whole mall, surprisingly although I did kill me feet by the end of it.

The first place I stopped by with my sister was Forever 21 where we spent a good 15 to 20 minutes, while trying to hurry. I wanted to go in mainly to pick up some nice statement necklaces and one that I saw online and fell in love with but I was a bit disappointed at the price because some of those statement pieces were expensive! Anyways, I ended up not getting anything except this one dress in the picture :)

<strong>What I Got:</strong>
Ivory Lace Dress $15.80

I thought that $15.80 at full price was an <strong>amazing </strong> deal for a dress like this! Basically, its just ivory colored lace. I`ve really wanted an ivory lace dress for a while how so I`m really glad that I ended up getting this one. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I just had to try it out and then I loved it! What was awesome was that this was the last of the smallest size so I like to tell myself that it was destiny

<strong>Have you gotten anything from Forever 21 recently? What do you think of this dress?</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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