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5 years ago

Hi everyone,
If you can`t handle eating the same food everyday, your skin is pretty much yearning for different nutricious products everyday too. The key is, to stay consistent with the schedule that you`ve set for it. Exfoliating is a very important process in taking care of the skin, and you really should exfoliate at least once a week. Keep in mind that I`m talking about mechanical ways such as using an exfoliate cleanser, facial loofah or scrub - not about the chemical ways. These are dermabrasion and chemical peel and they should not be treated like the mechanical way once a week.

Your skin is at its best to absorb and be penetrated with nutricious skin ingredients/food/products after it was being exfoliated. For this reason, I chose to wear facial masks right after each exfoliation. Because I have a normal to combination skin, so I chose to exfoliate my skin twice a week with a gentle exfoliate cleanser. The result is just amazing! If you wanna know more, please watch my video on this.

Treat your skin with different way each night, with love and be consistent. Here`s my routine that I`d like to share and I`ve found that ever since I started doing this, it has changed a lot for my skin. And remember, it is also important to give your skin a break too. You don`t want to overfeed it. Let it have time to absorb all the "good food" you`ve been giving it over the week.

* Sunday: Exfoliate + facial mask
* Monday (nutricious ingredient for skin) : Regular routine (cleanser + toner) + Sea Algae + Collagen gel eye pads
* Tuesday: Facial mask
* Wednesday (Whitening/Brightening day): Regular routine + brightening serum + brightening night moisturizer
* Thursday: Exfoliate + facial mask
* Friday (Anti-aging day): Regular routine + anti-aging serum + anti-aging night moisturizer
* Saturday (BREAK-DAY): No cosmetics for the night. Let it rest free of chemical and with peace over the night.

Hope you guys like it!

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