Tim`s Frozen Green Tea Review

2 years ago

A while back Tim`s came out with a new line of frozen drinks, the Frozen Green Tea. There are two flavours available, the Original Green Tea and the Raspberry Green Tea. Being a major green tea lover, anything green tea is a must try. So I decided to finally try the Original Green Tea; I chose the original over the raspberry because I thought the raspberry would overpower the green tea flavour. And since the drink looked not bad, I decided to get a large size.


-Taste: I was expecting this to taste more sweet and it to be more like the other `artificial green tea` flavours found. However, I was completely thrown off by how bitter this was. It gave a bad aftertaste after every sip. I love drinking regular `real` green tea and I don`t find it `bitter or grassy` like others would say. So I`m guessing they made this by boiling green tea and adding syrup and blending it in ice? Who knows, I just found it to taste unpleasant.

-Texture: I found this to be fairly runny but the ice was blended nice and smooth. The texture is just like what you would find in an Ice Capp or in their Frozen Lemonade (so good).

-Price: All before taxes; for a small it`s $1.49, a medium is $2 and a large is $2.33. The price is reasonable compared to other stores like Starbucks or Second Cup. But after trying this, I don`t think the large I got was worth it at all.

Overall, I was disappointed by the taste of this. I had high hopes for it but sadly they were unmet. I will definitely not be trying this again, since it was a waste of money.

Have you tried this before?

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