Timmies: Chocolate Glazed Donut


I was at Tim Hortons the other day with a close friend of mine, and Tim Hortons is definetley my favorite coffee place. Sure, I like Starbucks and Second Cup, but I find that Tim Hortons has more variety when it comes to food and donuts.

They have timbits, donuts, and they also have actual meals like breakfast sandwiches and chilli and stuff like that. So when I orderd my Iced Cappachino (which also happens to be my favorite drink at Tim Hortons), I decided, why not match my two favorites?

So I also decided to get my favorite donut from tim hortons, which is the Chocolate Glazed Donut. It`s amazingly good, and I find that it`s not too sweet like some other icing-filled donuts. This donut tastes like chocolate cake, but then there`s a thin layer of sugar glaze on top.

I have a major sweet-tooth, especially when it comes to baked goods! So when my friend invited me to go to Timmies, I knew I would end up getting something delicious like donuts or timbits!

For all you American residents, you are really missing out! You guys have alot of other great things like Target, Hollister, and many other great places but hopefully you guys will too get Tim Hortons!

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. If you are from another country, what is your "Tim Hortons?"
2. Do you like donuts?

Comment below if you have any questoins, XO! :)

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