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After establishing goals it comes the phase of drawing a plan, that is, what will change in your lifestyle. Basically this involves a diet and exercise plan (these will be developed in later posts). Probably this will involve changing some aspects in your routines in order to introduce time to make exercise or make appropriate meals.

You must be aware that you can make diet, but without a restrictive diet. There is no need to starve to be in shape!
However, it is important to follow some general guidelines that will help you:
> You should not miss more than three or four hours between meals and snacks. The 1st meal of the day should be breakfast!
> Do not skip meals! If tou get a meal without eating, then when you want to eat, you will eat food in excess.
> Beware of snacks between meals and snacks! If you follow the hint not to miss more than three hours without eating, you will not feel hungry between meals or snacks.
> If you have a day or a meal when you felt that you ate too much, do not worry! Follow your plan and never give up!

Here is an example of what can be a sensible meal plan:
08:00 Breakfast
10:30 Snack
13:00 Lunch
16:30 Snack
20:00 Dinner
22:30 Snack

It may seem daunting to eat so often, but just so you can gain some control over what you eat. Of course you must first decide on your meal plan, when to eat, or have a relatively fixed time for each of the meals as well as how much to eat. On the other hand, should not eat anything during the periods of time between meals.

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