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So ive been wanting to try tim tams for a while from watching itsjudyslife daily vlog and she told us that target finally got them in and I finall found them!!! I heard these are only released around this time.. october-december? not sure... This is by a different brand than the original one which are from Arnott originated from Australia and the one that is sold in America is by Pepperidge Farm. Never tried Arnott brand so I cant tell you if they taste different.

So I got 2 kinds the chocolate moose and the caramel center.

So Tim Tam Slam What is it?
Bite off opposing corners and use the Tim Tam like a straw for your tea, coffee or hot milk for a real chocolate explosion. I tried it with warm milk and it was delicious!!! Once the warm milk gets inside the cookies you have to slam it in your mouth as quickly as possible or it will break apart and make a big mess. The texture taste like smores... gooey chocolatey goodness!!! Have you ever soaked an Oreo in cold milk for a long time until it gets soggy and you put it in your mouth? Well thats what a tim tam is but melty chocolatey goodness.

I need to pace myself for I will gain the 30 pounds I recently lost back LOL! Next week I will try it with hot coffee... maybe black since the chocolate is milk chocolate and its already sweet.

This is the best thing I have ever tasted but its sweet so one will curve your cravings for chocolate for a while.... maybe 5 minutes? LOL

I got this at target for 2.99! You guys should get it for the holiday season. I think I will go back at the end of November and get 2 packs to have my family try it out.

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