Tim Hortons New Coffee Sizes

5 years ago

Hi everyone! I am not sure if all of you have heard about Tim Hortons new coffee cup sizes. They are trying to make the sizes more comparable to American standards. So basically Tim Hortons has now added a new extra large cup (24 oz) to their cup sizes, and all of the previous sizes has now shifted up. Example: The small before is now an extra small. The medium before is now a small, etc. You will pay the same amount for the same amount of coffee.

Tim Hortons new sizes:

Extra small 8 oz.
Small 10 oz.
Medium 14 oz.
Large 20 oz.
Extra large 24 oz.

I think this is great especially since there are so many Tim Hortons on campus where I go to school. As a student, I drink plenty of coffee throughout the day. So I would say that I am getting a deal since I am still drinking the same amount of coffee for a cheaper price. But I don`t I will be able to drink the Extra Large size, since I can`t hold that much liquid within my body. I would probably go to the bathroom multiple times in one class ha.

Do you like this new change? What size of coffee do you usually drink? Are you a coffee addict?

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Source link: http://www.thestar.com/business/article/1116209--tim-hortons-supersizes-its-coffee-cups

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