Tilting Camera Lens for your DSLR Camera!

I have never heard or seen of tilted camera lenses before but apparently it`s not new to the photography world. I`m not quite sure what the point of these tilted camera lens are for but when I did some research about tilt photography.. it stated that tilt photography is a way to capture photos into miniature sizes aka "selective focus".

To get an idea on how these lens work you can check out this link: http://lensbaby.com/optics-edge80-simulator.php It`s a simulator that gives you a sense of what the lens can do. When I tested the lens out, you can tilt the camera in eight different angles; each angle gives you a different type of photo so it`s like you`re buying one lens that can take the same photo in eight different ways depending how you tilt your camera. It`s pretty cool plus you get more different photos of the same `photo` if you change the aperture/focus too!

How much are the lens?
$300 with double glass optic
$400 with sweet 35 optic

Compatiable with Canon EOS, Nikon F, Sony Alpha A, Pentak, Samsung GX, Sigma, Olympus.

<strong>Would you buy tilted lens?</strong> I think the lens are pretty cool. It`s like eight lens in one, I can see these lens come in handy when taking pictures.

Try out the Lens: http://lensbaby.com/optics-edge80-simulator.php
Visit the website: http://lensbaby.com/optics-edge80.php
Photo via http://gizmodo.com/5884897/this-gadget-turns-your-lensbaby-kit-into-a-tilt

Source link: http://gizmodo.com/5884897/this-gadget-turns-your-lensbaby-kit-into-a-tilt

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