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Tilth Beauty is a line of safe, effective, preventative and anti-aging products with a blend of natural ingredients and state of the art technology."

I was sent these awesome products by Tilth Beauty compliments of being a Beauty Stat Blogger... and like all skincare products, I certainly had my reserves at first. I have been using these products for about a month and from day one - I had already noticed a difference in these skin care products than that of the normal skincare that I usually use. But, let me start off with some information on the products itself so you have a little bit of the back story.

Tilth Beauty is gluten-free, animal-friendly and utilizes Green packaging which is a huge difference to many of the skincare lines on the market today. It is made in America and does not contain any questionable ingredients. This makes for a big deal in a market where everyone is trying to be "product conscious". And, all of these things are very important when you are thinking about skincare products and what they have to offer.

Here is some information provided to me by the company:

The flawless serum is a blend of encapsulated Retinol, Myrtyle Leaf Extract and Adaptonyl which gives the skin a flawless complexion. Adaptonyl lifts and restructures the appearance of cell barrier function, leaving your skin healthy and younger looking. The Retinol (Encapsulated) is a stable retinol that helps to reduce the apearance of wrinkles and restores the look of UV damaged skin. It also improves the appearance of skin elasticity by 20% and the appearance of wrinkles are diminished by up to 17% after 12 weeks.

The Anti-Aging Firming Moisture Cream will help to reduce the appearance of your unwanted facial folds and lines.

Tilth Beauty products contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum based products, silicones, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, or GMOs in their products.

Now that you know a little about the product from the companies point of view... it`s time for me to talk about what the product in my words.

Let`s talk packaging... The Tilth Beauty packaging is super sleek, contemporary and definitely quality. The boxes as they state feel like they are made of recycled materials. The actual containers/jars holding the products themselves have a "green" simplicity to them, but still well made and heavy duty. I absolutely love how sturdy the jar for the Moisturizer cream feels. I`ve dropped it so many times and it has definitely held up to my brutality. lol The packaging for the Serum, while it is still sturdy and well made is made from what seems to be a different packaging... but still made equally well.

Now let`s talk about the actual product itself... starting with the Serum. The serum didn`t really have any type of scent to it... a soft skincare product scent, but nothing over powering and it`s almost scentless. It has a thicker consistency than what I am used to - but it went on my skin and I blended it in as I would any other. I loved how this product soaked into my skin almost immediately. After the first day or so of using the product, I already noticed an increase of softness to my skin and my fine lines and wrinkles were already starting to soften and diminish. My skin looked brighter and it felt much more youthful.

The Moisture Cream... this thing is seriously a miracle in a jar. Because I used to use Foundation a lot at one time (it being the "in" thing at one time), my skin took some damage and breakouts came often. I have discontinued the use of foundation unless I really need it and my skin did not feel as smooth as it once was. With use of this product, my skin felt smoother, my skin tone evened out much more and I`m certainly in love.

Watch my video review posted below because I truly explain some of the differences I have experienced over the last month.

Now let`s talk about price. The Anti-Aging Firming Moisture Cream is $55.00 and the Flawless Serum is $62.00. You can find full product descriptions and additional information on the Tilth Beauty website: http://www.tilthbeauty.com While the price may seem pretty high - I am certainly happy with the results I have received thus far and will be a Tilth Beauty customer moving forward. The product has yielded some awesome results and I love the way my skin feels when I use it. And, it`s always cool to use a product that was featured in a huge magazine like Cosmo ;)

FTC: I did receive these products compliments of http://Beautystat.com. My review however, is ALWAYS 100% honest, unbiased and my own opinion.

For more information on Tilth Beauty products visit: http://www.tilthbeauty.com
Visit Beauty Stat for information on awesome products and giveaways: http://www.beautystat.com

Watch my video review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DBu8-D0yskA
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