Tilly`s Haul!

4 years ago

Tilly`s is definitely one of my favorite stores, for many different reasons! For one, the Tilly`s near me is at an outdoor mall instead of an indoor. I hate the indoor malls, there`s always way too many people and I feel claustrophobic. Also, they have the cutest things. I wish I could buy the entire store! Most of there things are pretty good prices too, which I love.

I went there a few days ago, and bought a few tops and accessories.

First off, the favorite thing I got was a gray/black Full Tilt Button Up Varsity Jacket! I`d been wanting a varsity jacket for awhile, but a lot of the ones I saw at other stores were too expensive, or really colorful, which I didn`t like. Then I saw this one and fell in love! I can wear it with pretty much anything, and it`s super cute. You can even remove the hood if you want to. The sleeves and hood are gray, and other part black, and there`s a logo thing on the upper left part. Plus it was only $29.99, which is an amazing deal! It`s really warm on the inside too, but I will need to layer to keep warm in the winter still. They also had a few other colors, which I believe were blue and red.

Then I got a few sweaters. One is also by Full Tilt, and is a turquoise blue color with 3 white stripes on the top half. It is really warm, and was only around $20, which is a great deal! It does seem a bit like it could fall apart, but if you take good care of it, it probably won`t for awhile. The other "sweaters" I got, were a cute salmon colored one with a bunch of little holes in it, which was also around $20-30, and finally a simple gray half-sleeved off-the-shoulder one, that was $17. I believe they are all by Full Tilt as well.

Finally, I got 2 accessories, as they were buy 1 get 1 half off. I got a pair of Full Tilt earrings that are arrow-like shaped, and a long gold cross necklace. They were pretty cheap at first, and even better with the half off!

Since I spent a certain amount of money, I got two "Tilly`s Moola" ticket things, which give you $10 off a purchase of at least $30 on next purchases!

This finally concludes my Tilly`s haul! In the end the total was around $115, which is a great deal for the amount of things I got!

~Pictures are mine, please don`t steal.
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