Tila Tequila`s SUICIDE Attempt?

5 years ago

So this is news to me because I was shocked when I heard it.. I don`t know yet whether or not to believe it or not since Tila doesn`t seem to me like a person who would attempt suicide...

According to some sources, Tila is on the mend after a medical scare reported as a suicide attempt...
Tila suffered a near-fatal brain aneurysm that left her hospitalized last week. . The brain aneurysm was discovered after her roommate called 911 and reported it as a suicide attempt by overdosing on pills?? huhh? The police responded quickly at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday and Tila was rushed to the hospital where she was examined and then released.
Later that week, her manager called and asked the police to check in on her, but Tila refused to let them see her claiming she was "in a wheelchair."

An inside source says that Tila is resting at home now, but her friend are worried. Recent reports have come out saying that Tila`s weight has dropped down to a mere 78 lbs. Even though she is only 4"11, 78 lbs is tiny!!!

I hope Tila is doing okay right now. Even though I never really paid much attention to her, I knew a little about her through her love show on MTV and she seemed wild, but cute. She was so small and adorable that I couldn`t help but like her even though she acted like a little Snooki! Anyways, I hope she is resting up right now and that nothing bad happens in the next few days!

What was your reaction to the story?
Do you believe it?

Source link: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/tila-tequila-mend-hospitalization-brain-aneurysm-pill-overdose-alleged-suicide-attempt-report-

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