Tiger Lips Stud Earrings

4 years ago

I was sent these earrings as well as some other products to review so make sure you take a look at the other posts. These are probably my favourite item from http://www.house-of-wonderland.com that thy have sent me to try out. They are beyond cute. It comes in a variety of designs:
Green Leopard zombie
Purple leopard
Hot pink
Orange tiger
I got the orange tiger design and if my mum allowed me to buy things only then I would get ALL the other designs as they are all so cute.

-Handmade, always a bonus as no one will have an identical version, just similar
-These are on the larger side of studs but I just love them, I like earrings to make a statement and these certainly do. You could wear them with a simple black top and jeans and they will be the statement of your outfit.
-Im not worried that the lips will snap off. It is very sturdy
-I love the fact they are 3D and not just the outline of lips so it gives them a more realistic effect
-Not made of cheap metal as cheap metal makes my ears go green quickly and these havent, and also cheap metal usually bends quite easily aswell.
-Lovely bright colours

There is only one disadvantage to this product and it was because the actual metal stud part of the earrings had come off of them both. I think it was just a fault with the glue but I have superglued it back on and they are BRILLIANT and I wear them all the time. I have discussed the glue problem with the the owner of this website and she is looking into it so dont let this factor put you off buying this product because it really is worth the money.

I have to say that overall I think this is my favourite item I got to review. It is very unique and I cant say I have seen anything like this in any shops or online. The details of them are phenomenal and I could do this by hand. I am just in love with these and the price of them is definitely worth it.

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