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4 years ago

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Hi luuuxers! So after Luuux starting rewarding people every week for the most helpful posts, I have become more motivated to start making more posts like these because I completely agree that people want to go on Luuux to learn tips/tricks and see reviews so they can learn these new things! Therefore, I`m gonna do my best to post one of my "secret tricks" or at least a review once every week or two. Perhaps it will be a series :) What do you guys think?
Anyways, onto the post! I actually found this trick through another person`s Luuux post and she had recommended that you can use baby oil to make your skin soft. Sounds a little weird but since I suffered from red, itchy bumps (especially on my upper arms!) I decided I would give it a try.
Where I got it: I bought my baby oil from CVS for about $5. I actually saw the shea & cocoa butter version which said it help moisturize more so I picked this one up but I`m sure any works fine.
What I did/still do: Whenever I take a shower, I wash my body with a loofah using my Nivea body wash and then after, I rub this all over my body. Then I just do something else for couple minutes like condition my hair or wash my face. Usually by then, the water washes off some of the oil but not all of it so it still has its effect. You can actually just apply this right after your shower but I`ve tried both ways and I would say I prefer doing it in the shower.
My results: I can NOT tell you guys what a life changing product this has been for my dry skin. I don`t use body lotion anymore because this stuff really works! After I used it just the first time, my bumps on my skin diminished, especially on my thighs and legs. My skin feels so soft now and it makes me feel so much better about my skin. I would rate this 10/10, no question. I really hope some of you will try this out because it really doesn`t cost much to try. If you do, please let me know about your experience :)

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