Tide to go Instant Stain Remover

4 years ago

i will get this out of the way first thing this product does absolutely nothing as far as removing stains.

i have had this for awhile and i really really wanted it to work because occasionally, when getting ready i will get makeup that was on my hands gets on my clothes or on my vanity stools off white top cushion. which really sucks, when that happens.

im sure anyone who wears makeup has encountered this problem before. you touch your clothes not thinking and then its like ohh well i guess i better go change.

i can`t be the only one right?

anyways as far as this tide to go stick goes it claims to instantly remove stains. the product itself is like a marker. you press the tip of the marker down to release the "stain remover" and try to erase the stain.

which it never does, but it all leaves a giant wet mark. which would be fine if it dried back to normal. when it dries, not only is the stain still there, but the part of the shirt where you used the to go stick makes a really noticeable wavy patch on your shirt. not matter what the fabric is.

anyone i have asked in person says the same thing about this tide to go stain remover pen. that it doesn`t work and it makes weird patches on the fabric where you applied it.

so i would say if you were thinking about trying this, skip it.

has anyone else tried this tide to go instant stain remover? did it work for you or did you have the same results i did?

****pictures are my own.

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