Tick Tock: Fairy Kei Outfit Attempt

2 years ago

In the past few months I`ve been doing a bit of research on Lolita fashions and just Japanese fashion in general. I originally fell in love with Lolita, but my interest has branched out to more casual sweet styles like Fairy Kei.
The skirt I am wearing is a little Lolita, but I know I would be mocked if I tried to pass this outfit off as a Lolita coordinate (which I know it`s not even close) so for now I`m just going to call this a hyper casual Fairy Kei style, after all that is where my inspiration stemmed from.
Here`s what I`m wearing!
Skirt: MILK Clock World
Top: Forever 21 (actually a shirt dress)
Wig: Bodyline
Hair pin: Broken Forever 21 Necklace

I love the soft pink of the skirt, and my broken floral necklace just happened to match the coloring almost perfectly! I knew i had to throw it in there somewhere.
I am no expert at coordinating outfits, and this is my first time wearing a wig that was intended to look natural.
I would love to hear some feedback on what you all thought about this outfit? It`s not to over the top, but it`s way different from my usual style.
You might recognize this outfit from my latest youtube video, check it out here: http://www.luuux.com/viz/my-wish-tag

The photos above all belong to me, please do not take them.
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