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Ladies, ever wonder about those bloggers who are awesome thrifters? Those bloggers who have amazing staple items that they paid pennies for? You can do exactly what they do! It simply takes an open mind, patience, and a friend to help you scour through the racks, who also will offer an extra open mind!

Here are a few thrifting tips!

1. Lists! Never go on a thrifting adventure looking for one particular item, chances are you won`t find it and you will be so focused on that item that you will miss out on better deals!

Some thrifters like to head to their local consignment shops with a general list of which racks they are looking to really spend time searching through. Example: Denim, Outwear, Belts, Earrings. This allows you to be open to different things rather than a list that consists of "High waist acid wash shorts, Floral Blazer, Gold & Cobalt earrings."

2. Research! Know what stores are in your area, their hours, and exact locations. Don`t hesitate to map out your route for the day.

I, personally, like to know where every thrift store is at in my general area. I visit them whenever I have extra time. For example, when I go to my aunts house, I leave the house an hour or so earlier to make a stop at the Goodwill Super Store in her area. Always know where you are headed and what stores are near.

3. Biggest Savings! Catch the sale days! Salvation Army is 50% off certain tagged items on saturday mornings! Call ahead or pull out your iPhone and take a picture of the sale days whenever you make your first visit to that particular store.

4. Private Shops! Look for "REAL" thrift stores! Look outside of the well known, Goodwill & Salvation Army. This is sooo important because those little unknown thrift stores are the ones that carry the great finds!

My dad & stepmother live about 3 hours north of Miami, one weekend I went up to visit and found a thrift store a few minutes from their lake house. We walked in and there was a "Bag" sale, where you pay two dollars for a plastic bag and you take whatever you can properly fit in it! I ran out with a white blazer, 5 pairs of high waist jeans, and 2 pairs of vintage clip on earrings!

5. Money! Go without a spending limit. Thrift stores are usually cheap but you don`t want to go with only 5 dollars in your pocket because most likely that same item will not be there next week. Always be sure to take cash & card. If you are visiting a handful of thrift stores, pay with card at the ones that accept card because the next one may not!

6. Patience! Take your time and go through the racks, don`t rush through them. Go on a day when you have time to search. If you want to have a friend tag along, then bring them! They can help and explain to them that you want them to show you any item they come across that has any type of potential!

7. Sizing! If it`s a bit bigger than what you need, how can you alter it? Which belt will cinch the waist perfectly? It`s perfect but it doesn`t fit? Don`t put it down, think of ways to alter it! Even if you have to take it to a dry cleaners for alterations, you`re only spending $5 on the PERFECT item, spend a couple more to make it the perfect fit.

8. Travel Light! This is a personal thing I follow, it`s not a must but it`s my recommendation from experience. Don`t lug around a huge purse, grab a small bag that can be worn cross body, that doesn`t weigh. Don`t travel in layers and layers of clothes! Especially if you plan on trying things on. I usually head out in a pair of leggings and a light longer flow-y tee with flip flops. It all can be taken on and off quickly and I don`t care if it gets snagged on staples (thrifters know most tags are stapled onto the clothing), old racks, or get dusty.

Happy thrifting! Leave any comments with your additional tips!

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