Thrift Store Shopping Tips!

5 years ago

Lately I have been finding myself watching countless Youtube videos on thrift hauls and wandering around different local second hand shops. Some people get turned off by thrifting because they may think its all ugly and used things. But you would be surprised of the amazing things you could find, let alone the awesome deals.
Thrifting is really awesome because you find one of a kind pieces that you can play around with.

For a great thrifting experience there are some tips you should follow.

1. Look for the potential in pieces.
Maybe at first glance that oversized sweater with the crazy print on it is hideous, but take time to take it all in. In your mind go through your clothes and possible outfits you could make. You could defiantly take an ugly sweater and style it to be really vintage and unquie.

2. On that same note, try on the clothes.
You may think that sweater is too big but if you try it on you may be surprised on the fit. Especially since this year oversized things are in style.

3. Take your time.
Thrift stores are a little...well, unorganized. But that`s kind of the fun of it. You gotta look through everything to find that perfect bag or skirt.

4. Be creative.
If you find a shirt but there`s something hanging on it that you just don`t like, buy it and cut it off. Or buy those jeans that are too short and just cut them off and make them shorts. If you open your mind you can transform a lot of old grandma clothes into something modern. Plus if you mess up it only cost you like a dollar!

5. Look for familiar brands.
You`d be surprised how many brand names you`d find in thrift stores. The other day I found Calvin Klein jeans (that I cut into shorts) but they only cost 2 bucks! Plus if you look in stores like Buffalo Exchange you can find brands like Urban Outfitters, American Appearal and so on. Another place with higher end brands would be Plato`s Closet.

6. Examine each item.
Sometimes you may find the occasional piece with a rip and tear in them. If you can`t think of anything useful to turn it into, just put it back. No one likes a missing button!

7. Read the tags!
You may be surprised what kind of quality there is. If something looks leather and see if it`s real leather. You may be lucky and find a leather jacket for 10 dollars!

8. Consider layering.
If you find a long sleeve shirt that has a stain on the sleeve, think if you are going to put it under a sweater. Who cares? If it`s only 3 dollars its okay if it only has one purpose.

9. Go with a friend.
It`s much more fun thrifting with friends because they can give you advice and a second opinion. Also it`s extra creativity. Maybe they will think of a DIY that you aren`t aware of.

10. Wash the clothes.
Some are used. Nothing more to be said.

I hope these tips are helpful to all you soon-to-be-thrifters!
It`s a lot of fun to thrift and everyone should give it a chance. It`s a great way to save money and find "treasure in another man`s trash"!

Let me know if you are an avid thrifter like myself or are considering giving it a go!

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