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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I wanted to share a really cool thrift store haul with all of you.

I was recently up north with my family at our cottage and my mom and I headed into town for some shopping. She wanted to visit the new thrift store that had recently opened up, and I hadn`t had a chance to visit just yet. The store is called Talize, and I was surprised by how huge it is, and by how well organized it was!

I`m not a huge thrift store shopper, since I find it weird to wear other people`s old clothes, but I have found items before.

I usually like to buy books and knick-knacks when I`m thrifting instead of clothing, but I am always open to accessories as well! I bought a very cute Henri Bendel purse I posted about a little while back on consignment.

On this occasion, the store was having a half off sale on all accessories, including jewelry and handbags.

I scoped through the handbags and found this cute black purse. It has an retro sort of vibe (it reminds me of some of my grandma`s purses), but it is in great condition. I don`t know why I was so drawn to it, but I couldn`t pass it up. It was supposed to be $9.99, but I got it for half price.

In fact, all of the item I bought came up to under the original price of the purse.

Next, I was looking through the wallets/chequebooks. I know this is strange, but I have been looking for a cheque book for a while, since my current one is in tatters. I did manage to find a cute wallet that could be used as a chequebook. It looks like a Gucci wallet, but I doubt it is real, since it was only $4.99. However it looks like great quality, and for half price, I thought it would be perfect.

I did also roam through the jewelry racks, but they looked pretty sparse. Most of the items were too gaudy or tacky for my taste, but I did manage to find this simple gold chain with some charms on it. I thought it was a great since I love filigree sort of designs on the charms. At second glance now, they kind of remind me of the Tory Burch logo. I like how casual it is, and I can easily add it to any work outfit for some extra visual interest. This was listed at $3.99, so I got it for under $2.00.

I thought it was a pretty successful thrift store haul.
How often do you buy things on consignment or at the thrift store? What`s your favourite thrift store find?


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