Thrift Store finds: Forever 21 Nude Pumps!

4 years ago

I blame Marlene because she had Instagram a few pictures of her trip to the Thrift Store.
I haven`t done that since who knows when? Oh! Let me take that back because I was
there a few weeks ago when I couldn`t get the jacket/blazer I wanted. LOL! I remember
now. Well, I spotted these Nude Pumps when I was checking out the purses. These
paired of Nude Pumps were actually on display with the mannequin and its outfit! I saw
it and literally grabbed it quick before anyone did. LOL I checked the size and OMG! It wasn`t
size 7 1/2, but an 8 will do. I tried it on and some freaky dude was checking me out when I was
walking, testing to see if it was too big or not. I thought it was scary how he was checking me out at
the corner of his eyes. SMH! I tried not to get a shopping cart because I know I`ll end up buying all
kinds of stuff! Soooooo, I broke my own rule. HAHA

I did manage found a few things for this upcoming Fall. I was in a situation where I had a certain
amount of cash on me. If you know me I don`t really carry cash at all. Lets just say I had $12 from
tip money and $20 when I went to Walmart to cash out money to go to the Thrift Store. Sad isn`t
it? LMAO! In total I had only $32 to spend. I pulled out the phone to calculate everything and it came
out to be exactly $32! I was like crap! I don`t have enough to pay for tax so I ended checking back and forth
on the things I wanted. I came to a conclusion to put the Nude Pumps back! I decided to put it back is
because the alarm was attached to the actual pump and when they remove it. You`ll see an ugly hole
so that`s why I decided not to get it. The reason WHY I wanted it because its different! Even though I
already have two pairs of Nudes this would be perfect. My plan was to buy these and sell my other
Nude pumps since it was like the other one, but shiny! You get what I`m trying to say though right?
So yeah! I left without these FOREVER 21 PUMPS! I love how high the heels were. sigh** !

They were $14.99 which isn`t so bad because they were in a VERY GOOD CONDITIONS! It actually
looks new!

1. Would you call me crazy when you read that I didn`t get it?
2. Do you own any Nude pumps?

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