Three Little Birds, Pitch by my Doorstep

5 years ago

<em>Singing sweet songs, of melodies pure and true, saying this is a message to you-ou-ou!</em>

Okay, so now that I got one of my favorite Bob Marley songs out of the way! I wanted to make a post about the little mini Target haul I had made. I went into Target to get my boyfriend medicine since he had another stomach bug. Of course before I ran to get the medicine I found myself in the $1 bodega and found the cute little blue bird everyone has been hauling lately. It`s pretty decent in size and a relatively sturdy wood. There were 3 left, so I snagged one and ran off to the health section that is before I stopped to get a Milani polish, felt bad and put it back. I think I uttered stay focused to myself since Im so easily a scatter brain Target and end up with half the store coming home with me. I didnt have a whole lot of time to really look around, plus I only had 20 minutes to shop since I went in after 9:30. Medicine, crackers and soup down I was hitting the checkout. Apparently my little blue bird didnt have a price tag on it, and since they were closing and ushering people out of the store, the girl just run it through as $2 fine by me!

So now my cute little blue bird has a new home in front of my flat screen, along with my little fairy dog. Cuteness! Not sure my boyfriend cares or would agree, but I love them!

Did you happen to pick up this cute little bird at Target?

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