Three DiY Keychain Ideas

Keychain One;;
You will need -
One CAN of your favorite soda
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Can Opener
Microsoft Word
Key chain and jump rings
Nail and Hammer

Step One. Use the can opener to take the top of of the can.

Step Two. Then cut the rest of the can up with your scissors- make sure the pieces are pretty large!

Step Three. Go to your computer and design a couple shapes, like hearts to use as the outline of your caps.

Step Four. Trace the shapes onto the can pieces and cut them out.

Step Five. Ask a parent, or if you can do it yourself, take a nail and hammer and use them to make a small hole in the top of each shape.

Step Six. Apply the Dimensional Magic in one coat, let it dry, then do another two coats or so.

Step Seven. Just add the shapes to the key ring-and your done! :)

Keychain Two;;
You will need-
May Arts ribbons
Fabric Bond by Glue Arts
key chain rings
pinking shears
floss and a needle

Step One. Cut length of ribbon 8" long. Trim both ends with pinking shears to avoid the ribbon coming apart.

Step Two. Fold bottom end up 1 inch to create a loop. Insert key chain ring. Apply Fabric Bond at the end of the ribbon to hold the loop. Iron until fused.

Step Three. Fold top of the ribbon all the way down. Fuse with Fabric Bond about an inch from the end. Add a stitch if you feel it`s necessary. Stitch on button.

Keychain Three;;
You will need-
-wooden block or Jenga piece
-decorative paper (scrapbook page, map, sheet music, pretty wrapping paper, pages of a book, ect...)
-screw eye
-key ring
-round nose pliers
-mod podge

Step One. Use the pliers to screw an "eye" onto the Jenga piece or block.

Step Two. Trace the sides of the block on to the paper and cut them out.

Step Three. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back of each paper and place them on the Jenga block. Make sure to smooth out the paper to prevent air bubbles.

Step Four. Allow a few minutes to dry completely and then apply a thin layer of Mod Podge around all the sides. It will go on white but dies clear and provides a protective seal.

Step Five. Now just attach the key ring, throw on a couple keys, and impress your friends with the awesome looks of it

Visit the site I credited for more keychain ideas, there are over twenty! :)

Lots of Love,

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